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Oct 06, 2015
Contact: Tamara Castellano
+1 (801) 404-5427

New KLAS Report Gauges Who Leads the Market in Secure Messaging

With the threat of possible HIPAA audits and more than 100 vendors who claim to play in the rapidly emerging secure messaging market, providers have a difficult time selecting the right solution. In a new report entitled “Secure Messaging 2015: First Look at Who Providers Are Considering and Why,” KLAS reviewed acute care secure messaging and found that TigerText, with a high speed-to-value proposition, controls the largest segment of the market.

The report shows providers are looking for more functionality than just the basics of secure messaging. Although many providers are turning to basic solutions to provide a stopgap, some vendors—such as TigerText, Voalte and Doc Halo—do offer more strategic functionality.

“With this research, providers helped us define the secure messaging market, learn what criteria constitutes a basic secure messaging solution in contrast with a strategic secure messaging solution, and see where the many vendors fall in those categories,” said Paul Hess, research director.

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To access “Secure Messaging 2015: First Look at Who Providers Are Considering and Why,” email Tamara Castellano at

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